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Classic SimMan LinkBox Question

Last post 06-12-2015, 9:19 AM by steve tipper. 1 replies.
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  •  06-12-2015, 12:08 AM 5751

    Classic SimMan LinkBox Question

    I'm trying to bring a Classic SimMan back to life (for real). If this question needs to go elsewhere please let me know.

    Our SimMan is dead. The compressor works but the link box does not appear to be functioning. The patient is connected to the linkbox, the linkbox is connected to the computer, and the linkbox is connected to the second pc/screen.

    There is no red light when I turn the linkbox system on. The fuses near the power plug of the linkbox are good but otherwise we are at a loss on troubleshooting.

    If anyone has any insight on this please share your experience. 

    Thank you. Jimmy 

    Jimmy Colquitt, PhD, RRT-ACCS, NREMT, CHSOS
    Mercer University School of Medicine
    Medical Center Navicent Health
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  •  06-12-2015, 9:19 AM 5752 in reply to 5751

    Re: Classic SimMan LinkBox Question

    When you turn on the power switch on the back of the Link Box on you should hear a click/pop noise from the box and the red light should flicker on quickly.That will at least tell you that it's getting power. If you have that you could try going into the Manikin Update utility in the Laerdal folder on your laptop and force a firmware update to the Link Box.

    You might be having problems if you are running a newer version of the software on your PC but the older firmware on the box. If you are plugging the monitor into the box rather than the laptop then it sounds like an older system. If you do use more up to date software then the Link Box and Manikin will be fine but the older style cream monitors might not be - You would need to get hold of a newer monitor like the black ELO ones. The newer connection setup is shown here:

    If you have power but the utility doesn't detect the Link Box (it seems to be better at doing that than the regular SimMan software) then it could be a cabling or socket problem between the laptop and the Link Box.

    If you get nothing at all from the Link Box and you're sure the power cable and the fuse in the back of the Link Box are ok then it doesn't sound too hopeful.

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