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Voice modification for 3G

Last post 09-19-2017, 5:33 PM by kmbailey. 4 replies.
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  •  01-18-2012, 8:29 PM 4104

    Voice modification for 3G

    Has anyone had success using a voice modification program with the 3G?
  •  01-22-2012, 10:48 PM 4123 in reply to 4104

    Re: Voice modification for 3G

    I think that the 3G will present unique issues with 3rd party voice modulation software, as it would depend on how sound is channeled with the software.  Many times these programs create a virtual port for microphone output.  Try editing your Microphone configuration in the SimMan interface, making sure to use the same input that the voice modulation software is using.

    What software are you using?

    Have you successfully transmitted your voice to the manikin without the software?

    Another consideration is that the SimMan 3G operates with an XP computer built into the 3G body.  It would have its own input output, and interfaces with the control computer, primarily, as a front end user interface.  Sound is actually being transmitted from within the 3G's own computer.

    I don't have a 3G myself, so I may be completely off base, but I thought I would give you some ideas to go on in the absence of other responses.

    Let us know how you overcome this issue, as I'm sure you will succeed.  If you haven't called Laerdal support, give that a try, although I would be surprised if they would give you any direction as 3rd party setups are typically not supported.

    H. Michael Young
    Director of Healthcare Education & Business Development
    Level 3 Healthcare
    (602) 33-9345
  •  01-23-2012, 11:22 AM 4125 in reply to 4123

    Re: Voice modification for 3G

    I assume the purpose is to change instructor voice from male to female/kid or similar.

    The application running on the 3G instructor PC that handles sound is named Voice Conferense Application (VCA). A feature that is nice to notice about the VCA is that it is possible to select input/output sound device from <Options><Select devices...>.

    This is interesting because there exists SW that add virtual sound devices that alter the sound. I really have not looked into this, but one example I found is the "Screaming Bee MorphVOX Junior" SW. It installs on the computer and adds a new device that you can select as input device in VCA. This one is free (they also have more advanced commercial alternatives), but there probably exists many more out there.

    I believe I first read about this on some other SUN thread, but am not able to find it. Still, I hope this is of help. Also, I can not guarantee good results as I have not tested this.

    Dag Sanna
    Laerdal Medical AS
  •  02-14-2012, 5:59 PM 4224 in reply to 4104

    Re: Voice modification for 3G

    I am using the "screaming bee morphvox junior" software that Dag mentioned.  It works like a champ.


    Lonnie Rosier
    University of South Carolina
    College of Nursing
    Simulation Technologist

  •  09-19-2017, 5:33 PM 6935 in reply to 4224

    Re: Voice modification for 3G

    I found the Screaming Bee MorphVOX Jr (Free) to be substantially better than any other free alternative I've tried. If the full version is purchased, does it come with additional voice modifications that are more lifelike? With the free trial, the opposite sex and young voices sound creepy and like a chipmunk, respectively.
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