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LLEAP-Elo Touchscreen issue in opening labs and media files

Last post 02-19-2018, 9:01 PM by onurksu. 2 replies.
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  •  02-07-2018, 6:04 PM 7076

    LLEAP-Elo Touchscreen issue in opening labs and media files

    In am using Elo Touchscreen(used as extension monitor) with LLEAP software and I am having this interesting problem which came up again.

    A scenario with some labs and media files connects/enables use of all tabs in the patient monitor where I can go to labs but cannot open up the actual file for some reason. I can open up the pop up from the menu, but it does not give me the option to click and bring up the actual files. I can move the pointer and hover over the text reading name of the files but I can only click on it using the computer's mouse.

    Things I have done already:

    • LLEAP updates and patches with most recent version
    • Elo latest driver coming with LLEAP installed, re-calibrated
    • Windows Updated rebooted for LLEAP and other settings to be configured (tried on both Win 7 and 10)
    • Scenario re-saved using latest LLEAP

    It seems to me there is a incompatibility between LLEAP and ELO Drivers and maybe Windows. Again, there is no functionality problem with the ELO and I can do everything except for opening the actual scenario file in LLEAP. I have no problem in playing with other functions of the patient monitor. This problem occurred before and was fixed after the 6.1 release and came up again. Any tips and advice is appreciated.


  •  02-08-2018, 11:22 AM 7077 in reply to 7076

    Re: LLEAP-Elo Touchscreen issue in opening labs and media files

    Hi, we have released a patch to solve this for LLEAP 6.3. It is available on the Laerdal download page under "Laerdal Patient Monitor patch 6.3.0 Build 3141".

     "This patch fixes an issue where a Patient Monitor running on an ELO touch screen doesn't register touch input when selecting radiology/media/labs files to present on the monitor. The patch is only required if you use an ELO touch screen connected as a Patient Monitor screen.

    IMPORTANT: This patch requires that LLEAP 6.3.0 is installed. If you only have Patient Monitor installed and need this patch, please either install LLEAP first and then the patch, or contact customer support to resolve the issue." 

    Hope this helps.

    Tor Arne Klakegg
    Laerdal Medical AS
  •  02-19-2018, 9:01 PM 7081 in reply to 7077

    Re: LLEAP-Elo Touchscreen issue in opening labs and media files

    Thank you the patch did work. Though patch does not work with the latest version of 6.3 so had to downgrade from latest to 6.3 and then apply. 



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