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IV administration setup

Last post 03-06-2019, 1:22 AM by L Nelson. 1 replies.
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  •  01-15-2018, 7:45 PM 7051

    IV administration setup

    Hello, we have a new SIM lab, and I am new to setting up the manikins. I need to set-up Nursing Anne for primary IV starts and IV pushes, but have never done this before. I am familiar with the concept of hooking the tubing up to each of the veins to create the closed system, but what do you use as connectors? Can someone send me a picture of their setup for connecting the tubes to the veins?


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  •  03-06-2019, 1:22 AM 7390 in reply to 7051

    Re: IV administration setup


    I usually use the tubing and collection bag from an IV trainer arm to set up for closed-system IV start.

    Fill the arm with blood and hang bag of extra blood above to allow flash when learners poke the vein. 

    Female tubing for females and pediatric, male tubing for male patients. The fit into the vein tubing is better if you match it. 

    The easiest way to do IV push is to attach a stopcock with secondary tubing attached to a reservoir bag.

    Attach an extension tubing to the stopcock and use gauze to attach the stopcock to the patient.

    When learners push medication into the injection valve on the extension tubing, the flow will go into the reservoir bag.

    It is more difficult to push IV meds or run an IV pump flow into a closed-system of blood in the arm for IV start. 

    I hope this helps.  I don't have a picture, but you can reach out to me and I will try to help more, if I can.


    Lori Nelson
    Simulation Technician
    Rural Health Sciences Institute
    College of the Siskiyous
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