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Voice files for 3G

Last post 05-29-2019, 7:50 PM by hyoung. 7 replies.
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  •  11-08-2010, 9:04 PM 2958

    Voice files for 3G

    We have recorded voices for 3G, but ran into a problem with WMA sound files. The "sound recorder" in Vista computers saves files as WMA files not WAV files. 3G will not play the WMA files during a simulation. We tried downloading a converter program to WAV. The files appeard to convert but 3G still doesn't like them.

     Aside from finding an old XP computer to record sounds on, does anyone have any solutions?


    Mary Louise

    University of RI, College of Nursing

  •  11-09-2010, 11:01 AM 2960 in reply to 2958

    Re: Voice files for 3G

    Hi Mary,

    You could try using Audacity ( to record your sound files directly as WAVs. It is fairly light and easy to use. It is open source and will run on Vista. I've used it a lot for editing audio narration in tutorials.

    Let me know if it works for you or if I can help.


    Daniel Rivera
    Online Marketing Manager
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  •  04-05-2011, 9:07 PM 3400 in reply to 2960

    Re: Voice files for 3G

    Should recording be set to record to the right stereo channel?  What about default settings?  What do you recommend as to quality level and what is most compatible for SimMan.  Doing a simple export as wav command doesn't work when using Audicity for Windows 7.  A real problem so far.


    H. Michael Young
    CIELO Operations Manager
    University of the Incarnate Word
    Center for Interprofessional Experiential Learning & Observation.
  •  04-06-2011, 9:48 PM 3407 in reply to 3400

    Re: Voice files for 3G

    I also have used Audacity - you just record your voice, then export as wav. no need to even save as an audacity project.


    as far as i can tell, wma will not work, and there is no way of using windows vista sound recorder to record wav, althoug i have tried.



  •  04-07-2011, 6:46 AM 3408 in reply to 3407

    Re: Voice files for 3G

     The below should allow you to create .wav files in vista/7 without using additional software.

    - Go to Start, and type the following in the Start Search box

    soundrecorder /file outputfile.wav

    - Press ENTER. Sound recorder will option as normal

    - Once finished, press the “Stop Recording” button and the Save As dialogue will immediately display. Save your sound to the desired location. It may appear as though it's saving a .wma file, but all things being equal, the file produced will be a .wav file.

    Haven't tried specifically using the resulting file with 3G but can't see why it wouldn't work.

    Hope this helps.

  •  01-03-2013, 10:09 PM 4754 in reply to 2958

    Re: Voice files for 3G

    Recently came across something helpful related to this post. I created voice files for my SimMan3G for the first time. I used a Windows 7 computer to save each file, of course the files saved as WMA and not the WAV format required.  I came across this post and downloaded the free program Audacity as mentioned to convert the files from WMA to WAV. The conversion of the files worked fine however the SimMan3G would lose connection and the program locked up and not recover without a hard shut down for the SimMan3G and the laptop. After many hours of research and eventually re-recording the files I continued to be plaque by the same problem. Then I right clicked on some of the pre-recorded audio files that shipped with the SimMan3G and selected the 'MediaInfo" option to see how the file were created as well as the Bit rate/bit depth and the sampling rate. The files shipped with the SimMan3G have a bit rate of 16 with a sample rate of 22.0 KHz. For better audio quality I used 24 bit rate/ bit depth and 44.0 KHz which the SimMan3G cannot handle. I then looked at other audio files created and posted to this site which for the most part used 44.00 KHz sample rates but all files were 16 or 8 bit rates. Using the free Audacity program I went back and lowered the bit rate to 16 from 24 which resolved all of my audio issues. I believe the SimMan3G hardware can only process a 16 bit audio file.  I may be wrong but bit rates higher that 16 caused issues with all three of our SimMen3G and our Classic units. I hope this post will help others who are just starting out with creating their own sound files for the SimMan3G. Remember bit rate/depth of 16 and sample rates of 44.0 KHz or below.

  •  05-29-2019, 6:20 PM 7414 in reply to 2958

    Re: Voice files for 3G

    Voice files needs to be processed before sending and you can do it easily with the assistance of Hope this helps you.

  •  05-29-2019, 7:50 PM 7415 in reply to 7414

    Re: Voice files for 3G

    The link was changed by kaspersky antivirus to protect the site.

    H. Michael Young
    CIELO Operations Manager
    University of the Incarnate Word
    Center for Interprofessional Experiential Learning & Observation.
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