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AVS server /client compatiblity problem found

  •  02-07-2009, 8:28 AM

    AVS server /client compatiblity problem found

    Hello to all.

     We have 2 of the Laerdal Advanced Video Servers for our two SimMans (SimMen?). One was purchase a year after the other.  I have been trying to set up the video client on other computers in classroooms around our building, so that the simulation sessions can be viewed by larger audiences than can fit in our control room.  Connecting to one of the servers was no problem.  However, I couldn't get the video to come through from the other server.  All the network settings were correct and identical (except for different IP addresses) to the other server that was functioning correctly.  After spending too much time looking for issues I may have created in the setup, etc., it finally occurred to me that there was one thing different about the two servers.  The one that wasn't connecting was purchased a year after the other.  Guess what?  It has the AVS software version .1.1.  My older server has AVS software version 1.0.1. Sooo, I scrounged up my video client install disk that came with the newer server, and sure enough, it has a later version number than the one I had been trying to use.  So, the take away is that the Video Client software v. 1.0.1 does not work with Server software v. 1.1.  When I reloaded the updated software, I was able to use it to easily connect to and recieve video and audio from both servers, running either versions of the server software.  I don't know if I missed a service bulletin about this or if it hasn't come up with anyone else yet.  I do have a question.  Can I get a update for server software for my older server? What is the most recent update/version?  Is so, what improvements does it have over v. 1.0.1? 


     Scott Hudson, MSN, RN, Simulation Specialist

    The University of Texas at Austin, School of Nursing 

    Scott Hudson, MSN, RN
    Instructor of Clinical Nursing/Simulation Specialist
    The University of Texas at Austin School of Nursing
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