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Exporting / Playing Video from Scenario Debrief File

  •  03-09-2009, 9:04 PM

    Exporting / Playing Video from Scenario Debrief File


    Installing codec Windows Media Player Filter v4.6.0.5.exe does allow me to watch camera1.mp4, HOWEVER, as Carlos Kok suggests below, this only produces a codec for CAMERA ONE. Can we get a list of all necessary codecs? Then this will all be quite easy.

    The codec can be downloaded from:

    ****UPDATE END***** 


    Running with Laerdal AVS system and Sim man 3.3.

    Received how-to document from Laerdal techs on converting .sbr scenario file into .zip file in-order to extract desired video file.

    However, cannot play temp1.mp4 file in ANY of the following: latest windows media player 10, Latest quicktime 7.6, or latest VLC media player. Tried changing the file to .mpg and .mpeg as the document suggests, but has no effect.

    tempmon.avi plays in VLC media player.

    Is there a special codec Im missing with these products that will be necessary to install in a computer OTHER than my AVS system in-order to play back this video files?


    Sim Tech
    LA Harbor College


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