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Re: Exporting / Playing Video from Scenario Debrief File

  •  01-28-2010, 2:29 PM

    Re: Exporting / Playing Video from Scenario Debrief File

    Hi there,

     I have recently had some luck with being able to view the mp4 files after unzipping them. I used the K-Lite Codec pack which contains it's own video viewer. I already knew it as a good pack for watching varied video files but I was pleased that it worked with the unzipped files here. 

     I used the Full version of the codec pack although I do not know if any of the other versions contain the right codecs. It is not a big file though.

     Download and install the software choosing full functionality and then you should be able to double click on the video file and it will open in the special player. So far it plays all three video files and the monitor recording.

      I am still experimenting with this process and will post again as and when I find out more.

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