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Re: SW Release information

  •  03-12-2010, 12:22 AM

    Re: SW Release information

    A better way to locate scenarios (in my opinion) and back them up is to have them on a central file share on a server, another computer or networked attached storage.  You can point your default scenario folder in configuration so that it will display a scenario repository (folder) on such a share.  You can even map a drive letter to the network share.  It has worked great on our client computers, but we have them all networked. I have attached a screen shot of the configuration page and the location where you can change where the client software will look for scenarios.  It sure beats using flash drives to shuttle your files between computers, and having to drill down to the Laerdal Medical folder. 

    If you would like to try this, and your computers are on a network, I would be happy to walk you through it.  To point to a shared folder across the network, follow this syntax: \\servername\sharename\simtype.  In our case we have a department server where I have created a share called "scenarios."  In that share I have created a "SimMan" folder and a "SimBaby" folder.  Each folder has scenarios and folders organizing collections of scenarios (such as NLN).  Allow me to break down the syntax: "\\" indicates that this will be a local network location; "servername" is the network name of the server or computer that will have the content.  In our case, the servername is "NURSE01", so thus far, the network path is \\NURSE01\ Each single "\" separates each part of the path.  So NURSE01 has a shared folder with the name "Scenarios" which is the "sharename."  "Simtype" refers to the type of simulator that is associated with the scenarios.  For a SimMan, I would make the full network path: \\nurse01\scenarios\SimMan

    The following items can only be used if you have each person log into the client computer under their own computer credentials.  Otherwise, you will have to set permissions to be the same for everyone.  I would also do away with the multiple user login, regardless, provided with the simulator client software.  Just create a default user profile and don't assign a password.  It just gets too challenging to manage multiple user settings.  I appreciate Laerdal providing the option, but if you have half a dozen or so computers, it is just too much a pain to remember which computer has your stuff and which doesn't. 

    Make sure that the permissions are set as read-only for your faculty and/or staff, except those that will be responsible for updating the common scenario folder (what we are talking about).  If you want to give certain faculty or staff elevated rights to save, delete, edit scenarios, but not allow them to change the primary scenarios in the list, create a sub-folder inside the share.  For example, if "Jane Cash" needs or wants her own folder that she can manage, create a sub-folder inside "SimMan" (or whatever simulator label you chose).  I would create a folder and name it "JCash" inside the SimMan folder, and change the folder permissions to allow read and write associated with her user name.

    If you are dissatisfied with your routine, you may want to give something like this a try.  If I can help further.  Contact me.

    H. Michael Young
    CIELO Operations Manager
    University of the Incarnate Word
    Center for Interprofessional Experiential Learning & Observation.
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