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Re: Help with Link Box

  •  05-14-2010, 5:53 PM

    Re: Help with Link Box

    I agree.  The Patient monitor does not hook up directly to the link box except in regard to audio.  The audio out cable on the client computer/laptop should be plugged in to the speaker/headphone out, and the two lines that split off from that go to both the Patient Monitor and Linkbox.  The Patient monitor audio input, is a similar micro jack, while the jack that plugs into the linkbox is an RCA connector.

    Video cable from patient monitor plugs into external VGA monitor port on computer.  If the red light was flashing, it means that it was not communicating correctly.  It has been a couple of years since this post, so I assume that you have since resolved this issue, so I am writing this for those who are looking for an answer to their own question on this matter.

    The laptop also has a RS-232 (or serial) cable that goes from the serial port to the back of the link box.  Anothe cable runs from the back of the link box and connects to the manikin enabling control.

    If after all of this, and the link box is still flashing red, then you may need to consider opening the link box (check with Laerdal to make sure warranty is not voided) and making sure that component cards are fully inserted in the link box primary circuit board.  I have had to seat a card that had come loose in shipping, which was inserted only part of the way.

    As for USB, the usb cable that plugs under the ELO touch monitor is what enables the touch capability.  A USB cable connects the laptop/computer to the patient monitor, giving touch screen capability (make sure to use align utility).

    Good luck.

    H. Michael Young
    CIELO Operations Manager
    University of the Incarnate Word
    Center for Interprofessional Experiential Learning & Observation.
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