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Re: Visibility of SimMan 3 G on a network

  •  07-02-2010, 11:48 PM

    Re: Visibility of SimMan 3 G on a network

    I don't have any experience with the SimMan 3G, but do have some understanding about wireless APs, SSID and routers.  Bare with me as I try to understand your setting, so maybe we can come up with something your IT people need.  I imagine that they have no understanding of the simulator itself.

    An AP can be configured to encrypt the data stream.  If a device (SimMan 3G) does not support the protocol or the encryption method, then communication will not occur.  I suspect that your IT folks are trying to secure the Wi-Fi network, by blocking un-encrypted traffic.  I assume that the AP is connected directly to the router/switch, which means that the router can also block certain protocols, ports and such.  I recommend that your IT completely open up the port that the AP is plugged into, and that the AP be opened so that anyone can connect to it while you are testing it.  If they do this, then they can begin securing it setting by setting, allowing you test the simualtor in between.

    Also, the SimMan 3G has its own IP address; I don't know if this address is fixed, or if you can change it.  If the IP address is not assigned automatically by DHCP, then whatever the IP subnet is may not be the same as the AP; if that is the case, it won't matter what settings the AP or the router/switch has.

    Can you connect to the SimMan 3G wirelessly by connecting directly, bypassing the AP? (Ad Hoc, rather than Infrustructure).  You can do this to verify what the IP address is on the simulator.

    I'll watch for your answers; maybe we can get this rolling for you and get others involved with the dialogue. 

    H. Michael Young
    CIELO Operations Manager
    University of the Incarnate Word
    Center for Interprofessional Experiential Learning & Observation.
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