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Advanced Video System - video quality/rendering inquiry

  •  08-11-2010, 11:38 PM

    Advanced Video System - video quality/rendering inquiry

    Currently, our simulations are performed like "speed sims" with 5-10 minute scenarios.  We have attempted to run scenarios 15-20 minutes, to allow students to perform assessment and proper interventions; however scenarios running more than 10 minutes result in file integration taking up to 5 minutes before we are able to debrief.  This is not ideal for our instructors performing simulations back to back with time constraints. 

    I've called Advanced Tech Support and was advised to modify the video profile configuration for the AVS from medium quality to low quality.  That does remedy the rendering time; however the video quality then is poor. 

    I understand that rendering speed is dependent upon hardwiring vs. wireless, network speed, and file size.  We are hardwired, University network is premium, and though we have two cameras recording, with scenarios that are 5-10 minutes, 5 minute rendering still seems ridiculous. 

    Is anyone else using Laerdal's AVS for video/audio/monitor/event log recording and integration?  And if so, are you experiencing the same problems?  Or have you remedied this problem? 

    Thank you,





    Marissa C. Carrillo

    Simulation Technician

    UAA/CHSW/SON Nursing Resource Center

    3211 Providence Drive, PSB 146E

    Anchorage, Alaska 99508

    P: 907.786.4674 | F: 907.786.4559 |


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    Marissa C. Beninati
    University of Alaska Anchorage
    Interprofessional Health Sciences Simulation Center
    907.786.4674 |
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