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Re: Mobile Sim Lab

  •  02-21-2014, 6:39 PM

    Re: Mobile Sim Lab

    Hi Charlei,

     We are doing the same thing.  I think we are going to stick with the simman in the ambulance - our 3G is too busy in the simlabs.  We'll probably use sim junior in the back of the truck also.  Our goal is to be able to drive around while the students are working the scenarios, to truly give them the feel of EMS.  

     I think that we will go with Bluetooth AV equipment linked to a dedicated laptop. I think wireless cameras and mics will be easier to install and to move around if our initial viewpoint is not optimal.  The instructor also wants the students not participating in the scenario to be able to see live feeds of the ones who are.  We're still trying to decide the best way to do this.

    We'll probably put a laptop mount up front but we are considering use of a simpad.  The only monitor the students will get will be the cardiac monitor. 

    Hopefully we'll start at the end of this month.



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