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New Simulation Lab to be designed

Last post 06-16-2009, 11:30 PM by scapelmedicfl. 4 replies.
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  •  11-10-2008, 8:19 PM 1732

    New Simulation Lab to be designed

    I have been tasked with gathering information to build a state of the art simulation lab for our hospital. I am in the process of collecting and sorting through information. If anyone wants to share information about start-ups, I would greatly appreciate it.Thanks, Richard Barnett RRT
    Richard H. Barnett RRT
    Respiratory Care Manager
    Village Hospital
    Greer, SC 29651
  •  11-13-2008, 10:07 PM 1740 in reply to 1732

    Re: New Simulation Lab to be designed


    There is a section on the Simulation Innovation Resource Center website of Simulation Centers in the US and around the world who are willing to open their doors or field questions on getting a Sim Center started. Here is a link to that site:

    SUN Admin
  •  11-13-2008, 11:36 PM 1741 in reply to 1732

    Re: New Simulation Lab to be designed

    As one who is in the infancy of our program, I can tell you to make as much advanced preparation as you can, but be prepared for the unexpected- it will happen!  We are currently moving into a recently closed surgery center and, while we don't have to worry about the hospital setting, there are a lot of mannequin instillation issues.  How do you create control rooms with fixed ceilings, who is the best company to assist with this (we are using KbPort).  What types of mannequins do you need.  Can you grow in stages to keep start up costs down, starting with a mix of low, medium and high fidelity and gradually adding more of the high fidelity.

      You do have advantages that university based labs may not- especially in the area of equipment- hospital beds, stretchers, wheelchairs, crash carts etc.  We simply get the hand me downs, but they are in good working order and that is hwat counts!  We even managed an anesthesia machine!

    My current project is one you are going to want to start from the very beginning- barcoding and tracking your mannequins. My spreadsheet has Barcode #, Maker, Name, Description, Nick Name (we name them all), Cost, Serial #, Received Date, Location and Room.  This can help you keep track of all their data.  I also have an electronic folder with all their downloaded instruction manuals as well as their info from the internet with their pictures.  Hard to keep them all straight somethimes!

    Also, we couldn't do this without partnering with others in the community.  We are working with the local fire department (my co worker is a retired fire chief) and in return they lent us a SimBaby, we're working with the public health nurses, so the gave us several low fidelity and a couple medium, in addition the state department of public health gave us a grant that we are using to pay for some AV instillation and several mannequins. Our primary hospital is including many hours of simulation in the new nurse residency so they are also buying several things for us.  We really couldn't make it without them!

      There are also many who can't give you anything, but you may want to partener with anyway- 2 of our local high schools medical prep programs are going to come monthly and work on putting what they are learning into practice. They can't give us anything but the reminder of what it was like to be young and excited about a future in the medical field. That is priceless!  

     So, that is where we are currently, if you have any specific question, please ask. NLN was also going to have an on line course on setting up a lab- came too late for me, but it might prove helpful-



    Barbara K. Ratliff RN, BSN, MBA
    Baptist Health Montgomery, AL
    Institute for Patient Safety
    and Medical Simulation
    Simulation Specialist
  •  05-29-2009, 2:02 AM 1977 in reply to 1732

    Re: New Simulation Lab to be designed


    Hi Richard,

    I am an architect in San Diego and have been involved with a number of simulation centers. I was also part of a panel at SSIH in Orlando that presented The Architectural Process for Simulation Centers. Patti Mitchell, the project manager from UCSF, presented the planning work prior to hiring an architect that may be useful.

    Our presentation is available on the SSIH website. BETTER YET, I uploaded the presentation for your use.

    Please feel free to post any specific questions about the process.



    Malvin H. Whang, AIA LEED AP

    SimCenter Design
    San Diego, CA
  •  06-16-2009, 11:30 PM 1992 in reply to 1732

    Re: New Simulation Lab to be designed

    Hello check out our Mobile simulation lab with the only one with dual environment





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