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3G IV fluids

Last post 06-18-2015, 11:27 PM by Annie Bee. 10 replies.
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  •  08-24-2010, 1:18 AM 2763

    3G IV fluids

    If we are only supposed to use distilled water in SimMan 3Gs IV, what is everyone out there doing for this, are you filling empty IV bags with distilled water before you run any IV simulations? has anyone filled IV bags ahead of time, ie weeks to months and had any problems with mold growth in the bags?


    thanks for any info! 

    Kevin Stevens

    Simulation Program Director

    Washington State University

  •  08-24-2010, 4:18 PM 2764 in reply to 2763

    Re: 3G IV fluids

    We are using 100% distilled water here at SMCC and I haven't seen any issues with it.  I use it in everything from my blood bags, saline, ringers, draw up vials, prefilled syringes, etc... and have seen no issues.  I mean I guess my question is how many IV bags are you going to have laying around?  I only have a few because each scenario with each respective unit only requires 2-3 max, so you can just change them out once in a while, maybe flush some 70% isopropal through it.  I have three fully stocked code carts with about 300 different prefilleds, vials, etc... and they seem to be fine.  If you have any more questions please feel free to ask!
    Patrick S. Underwood
    Simulation Coordinator
    Southern Maine Community College
    South Portland, ME 04106
  •  08-24-2010, 4:24 PM 2765 in reply to 2763

    Re: 3G IV fluids

    We only use distilled water as well. We replace all our drugs and IV bags with it, and have had no problems.

    Some bags end up not being used for months and haven't had mold issues...

    Hope that helps


  •  08-24-2010, 9:06 PM 2770 in reply to 2763

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    Re: 3G IV fluids

    Hello Kevin,

     We have only used distilled water for all of the IV fluids,meds etc.

    No issues with mold!



  •  08-26-2010, 12:48 AM 2775 in reply to 2770

    Re: 3G IV fluids

    Thanks all, appreciate the info!
  •  09-15-2010, 3:54 AM 2815 in reply to 2763

    Re: 3G IV fluids


    How do you fill your IV bags with distilled water?  How are you keeping them closed once they are filled?  Best source of refillable medication vials to fill with distilled water?

    Thanks for the info.

    Colleen Royle

    Minnesota State University Mankato

    C Royle
  •  10-19-2010, 4:20 PM 2896 in reply to 2815

    Re: 3G IV fluids


    There are two ways to refill iv the first is spike the bag and drain it but then you have to leave it spiked or you can use an 18g needle and pierce the port and squeeze the fluid out and refill it with a large syringe (a little labor intevsive,we use 250 and 500 cc bags).

    As for med vials we check with our local hospitals that we do training for and have them help us out. Be careful when cleaning your med vials though.

  •  01-23-2014, 8:19 PM 5302 in reply to 2764

    Re: 3G IV fluids

    So you never use de-ionized water to fill SimMan 3g with.
  •  02-17-2014, 11:58 AM 5335 in reply to 2763

    Re: 3G IV fluids

    simple tap water

    if you use the bags regularly, leave the bag spiked, put the other end in a jug of water, (colour as required for blood, blood products, gelofusine, glucose/dextrose etc) then making sure the giving set has no air bubbles (other than in chamber) put the bag on the floor and the water will syphon into the bag. the frequent and regular use of the bags stops the build up of mould, though some giving sets, usually blood giving sets, do eventually succumb.

    if you don't need the bags for a week or two then just empty them out, as well as the giving sets, and leave them hanging open, then the day before or the morning of need, do as described above.

     if you need to have the bags filled and no giving set connected we use a spigot with silicone rings, for tubal occlusion, can be a little tricky to remove if pushed too far in but just be careful.

  •  02-27-2014, 6:52 AM 5359 in reply to 2763

    Re: 3G IV fluids

    You are suppose to use DI water or 70% isopropyl alcohol in the fluid reservoirs and through the "IV Push" site on is right arm. The other IV port that is used for infusions can really be anything... I mean, Laerdal recommends that you only use DI water or Isopropyl through everything... but the infusion port is a straight shot of tubing through his arm and into the waste bag. As long as you flush him out at the end of the day with Alcohol you should have no problems. We use NS, D5, and any other fluid thats laying around when simulating an infusion. Just make sure the participants dont hook up a bag of D5 to the wrong port...  
  •  06-18-2015, 11:27 PM 5755 in reply to 2763

    Re: 3G IV fluids

    you may find it easier to order Demo Dose simulated IV bags from Pocket Nurse. They come in many varieties and sizes, all with water safe for simulation. 
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