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Burn Wound Moulage

Last post 10-02-2007, 5:14 PM by green ambulance simulator. 4 replies.
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  •  08-09-2007, 7:49 PM 356

    Burn Wound Moulage

    I have been asked to set up some simulations for the opening of our Burn Intensive Care Unit.  They would like to have a burn "patients" brought in so the staff can get more comfortable with the new unit and have an opportunity to work together as a team.  Does anyone have any creative ways to make SimMan look burned?  They are looking for at least 60% burns and I have not had any experience with the make-up and moulage.  I have found a lot of resources for moulage on humans, but do not want to jump in and find out it will not wash off SimMan!

     Thanks for any suggestions you can give!

    Susan Heimsoth

  •  08-10-2007, 10:30 AM 359 in reply to 356

    Re: Burn Wound Moulage


    Laerdal do have trauma modules and some of them have burns you can put on simman.

    We too are experimenting with making our own wounds using peelable paints which are very effective.

    What I suggest is if you have any old IV arm skins or old simman chest skins you can experiment with different paints. We use acrylic paint. The arm skins can be cut up and used for making burns overlays.

    You just need to experiment.

  •  08-10-2007, 3:00 PM 360 in reply to 359

    Re: Burn Wound Moulage

    Thanks,  the peelable/acrylic paint suggestion is what I was looking for.  I'm not worried about the actual "decoration" or how to make it look more realistic--I just need something that will come off easily.  I have the trauma modules--they just wouldn't cover the area that we were looking to mimic.  I like the idea for the peelable paint--thanks for your help!


  •  08-22-2007, 12:47 PM 381 in reply to 356

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    Re: Burn Wound Moulage

    cheap moulage for burns

    smear a thin layer of cold cream on the mannequin where you want your burn.

    using reds & blues smear stage makeup to give degree of burn

    use blobs of vaseline ontop of colours to be blisters

    take a single layer of  paper handkerchief place on the coloured and blisted areas

    finally spray the  paper with glycerine to make it translucent and burst the blisters by using a needle to rip the tissue.

  •  10-02-2007, 5:14 PM 512 in reply to 356

    Re: Burn Wound Moulage

    now is the time to also go shopping for holloween masks, you can find all sorts of scars, burns, and such also bald head wigs... I cut up these, and use as is, or decorate as needed... (if you do not have spare iv arm material available)... you can get very creative, even melt with a tourch (BE CAREFUL IF DOING THIS RUBBER MASKS CAN BE VERY do outside, with a tub of water nearby) ...attach peices with velcro  

    a couple of other moulage tips:

    • red electrical tape for blood... a little in an ear canal, or take a hard set of teeth and put a peice of red tape 1/2 over the gums, 1/2 over the teeth... then trim out the parts over teeth, leaving little strips to fill in between teeth with red "blood"... or use where ever you need some blood on simman.
    • plumbers putty.. (the stuff used to seal your faucet to the sink)... shape it to desired "wound" (a lump on head)... press onto simman's skin, then you can slice a "laceration" into the putty... put in it a peice of red tape, be sure to trim edges so it appears jagged... insert into the laceration in the putty...  fold over edges of cut to seal in blood, but not cover it completely... apply a wee bit of skin colored make up to the putty and you are done... fast and easy, I have not tried to make burns yet with the putty, but I would have to guess it would work well for that too.... cleans up pretty fast too..

    good luck, have fun, be safe ut there,


    Ralph J. Genella EMT-I
    Green Ambulance Simulator
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