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How to change heart rhythm but not rate?

Last post 12-04-2012, 4:24 PM by SIMAV. 3 replies.
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  •  12-22-2011, 8:40 PM 4072

    How to change heart rhythm but not rate?

    This probably has an obvious answer...

    I am writing a scenario and I need to be able to change the heart rhythm to "ischemia" at a certain point. However, I seem to have to set the rate at the same time, as in "ischemia at a rate of 97."

    Problem is, depending on previous branches, drugs given, etc, the rate might not be at 97 when I want to invole the ischemia waveform. So I get an abrupt change in rate, say from 125 without ischemia, to 97 with ischemia.  Is there any way around this?

    I though about writing a whole series of conditional frames, like "if HR>110, then ischemia at 110;  if HR>105, then ischemia at 105; if HR>100, then ischemia at 100, etc.  Problem is I'd need to write dozens of frames to do it that way.  What am I missing here?


    --Eric Griswold

    Simulation Engineer
    Medical College of Wisconsin

  •  12-27-2011, 4:20 PM 4075 in reply to 4072

    Re: How to change heart rhythm but not rate?

    Unfortunately, I don't think you are missing anything.  I believe you have found a flaw in the programming- that rate and rhythm should be independant of each other for just such a reason. Makes you have to do a bit of on the fly adjustments during the scenario. If you have multiple people using the same scenario, you may want to add a comment to the frames where these changes occur to remind them to adjust the rate back to where it was before the frame changed.
    Barbara K. Ratliff RN, BSN, MBA, CHSE
    Baptist Health Montgomery, AL
    Institute for Patient Safety
    and Medical Simulation
    Simulation Specialist
  •  01-12-2012, 3:48 PM 4096 in reply to 4075

    Re: How to change heart rhythm but not rate?

    This is definitely a bug in the software. We've been struggling with this for a couple years now. The best way to get this addressed in future versions of the software is to contact tech support and start a "complaint" about it. The more complaints they get, the better the chance of it getting looked at by the development team.

    Brian Florek, BS, EMT-P
    Simulation Systems Engineer
    Center for Education in Medicine
    Feinberg School of Medicine
    Northwestern University
  •  12-04-2012, 4:24 PM 4741 in reply to 4096

    Re: How to change heart rhythm but not rate?

    a posibility is create an event like "change rythm" and create a handler for this one with the new rythm and same rate,
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