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A simulation I'd LOVE to see

Last post 03-05-2012, 12:45 AM by Peter Johann. 0 replies.
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  •  03-05-2012, 12:45 AM 4279

    A simulation I'd LOVE to see

    To Whom it may concern.

    The following message is written by Peter foster, and will be sent to as many health care professionals as possible including Anesthesiologists, CRNAs, NURSES, RTs, Medical simulation programmers, perfusionists, etc.

    This was origionally used on YOuTube to send messages to Medical professionals on YOuTube, but is being edited to be posted on sites such as YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Anesthesia sights, CRNA sights, ETC.



    Hello . My name is Peter Foster.

    I am 20 yrs old.

    I have many many health issues, and have to use many many machines such as a ventilator, a suction machine, nebulizers, gas air compressors which I think could actually be used to supply gas to an HFOV or a Drager ventilator, or any professional ventilator that requires piped in air/oxygen.

    I have had many many surgeries.

    Its due to this that I've had an interest/obsession with machines, and medicine sence the age of around 3.

    Medical equipment IS MY LIFE.

    I ESPECIALLY love anesthesiology.

    I love going to sleep.

    I actually get to induce myself during anesthesia.

    I go to sleep with a pressure support of 15, and a PEEP of 5.

    I LOVE IT.

    I actually have my own HP viridia patient monitor. Its an Omnicare 24 patient monitor with a monochrome display.

    I LOVE IT.

    I have ECG/RESP, and SpO2 monitoring, as well as a Non-working NBP module, which I am going to try to replace. They have them on Ebay.

    I LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE medical equipment.

    I have several health issues such as severe visual impairment, cannot smell, cannot taste, hearing loss which requires Hearing aids, urinary/bowel elimination problems, respiratory problems, small airways that actually causes my left nostril to be smaller than a newborns. YEAH.

    Heat regulation issues, and many many many other health issues.

    I have no cillia in my nose, so cannot regulate humidity very well, and have to use an HME at times and use aerosol humidity via Large volume Nebulizer with large bore tubing.

    I have a lot more, but I'm not going to go all through those.

    It would waiste time.


    I love to fool around with online simulations, like of ventilators, and anesthesia machines.

    I actually use the University Of Florida Website, the Virtual Anesthesia Machine. VAM.


    There is a simulation I'm looking for, but it appears not to exist.

    You know, I LOvE BIS monitoring.


    You know all about it I'm sure.

    Scale from 100 to ZERO, 100 being fully concious, and alert, ZERO being BRAIN DEAD.

    General anesthesia usually finds BIS between 40 to 60.

    80 is mildly sedated.

    Responsive to loud noises, and vigerous stimuli such as shaking, slapping, screaming in his/her ear, ETC.

    I had a trial version of an ECMO simnulation program, where I could actually fool around with this simulation.

    It had the ability to sedate, with boluses/drips of propofol, fentanyl, midazolam, Thoropentone, etc.

    But the thing is, IT ONLY RAN for like 10 minutes, and what sucked was it was for around 10 mins, I didn't have really an time to titrate sedation to BIS, and I didn't have time to wait for sedatives to reverse themselves.

    IT ONLY RAN FOR 30 days since it was only a trial version.

    It costs like $500.

    Mom will not let me get something like that.


    Anyhow, What I would like to get my hands on is a sedation simulation where I can like have a continuously Non-surgical sedation simulator where I can titrate sedation like in the Intensive care unit.

    I can administer boluses/drips, continuously, and I can titrate them with BIS, and I can maintain the airway with a ventilator, do blood gases, administer paralysis drips such as vecuronium.

    This ECMO simulation also Vecuronium, Pancuronium, and Mivicurium. It had TOF analysis where I could use the nerve stimulator to measure paralysis.

    I was able to place the patient ona ventilator, to place my patient on a defibrillator, administer a shock.


    I have worked my butt off like LITERARLY to the point of exhaustion looking for a great FREE ICU simulator


    I love anesthesia machines.

    I'd also like the ability to place my patient on the anesthesia machine, and administer anesthetics, use a MASK, or intubation.

    And the thing is, I'd like to do it continuously freely with no scores, no time limits, and just you know let it run for hours.

    When I felt like keeping him deeply sedated with BIS of 40-60 I can administer drugs to do that.

    When I feel like its time to wake him up to around 70-85, so be it.

    Turn down drips to titrate to the appropriate BIS.

    OH, hey, I'd like to decrease paralysis to get him breathing a little with the ventilator.

    Turn down/off Vecuronium.

    OK, he's moving around a little bit more than I'd like, and fighting the tube.

    Let's imagine that.

    Let's turn the sedatives up.

    OH, let's swich sedative from propofol to Midazolam.

    SIMPLE, turn off propofol, and turn and up Midazolam.

    Let's turn vecuronium off completely, and we'll continue with Midazolam.

    OH, His BP is low, let's administer some doplamine to increase, and let's try to speed the heart up.

    Its too slow.


    His SpO2 is only 90% let's turn up the FiO2% on the ventilator.


    I'd like to administer some sevoflurane.

    Let's turn sevo on the vaporizers.

    Basically, whenever I want, I can turn up/down drugs, swich drugs, titrate them, monitor various parameters, ventilator settings titrated, etc.

    That is a dream simulation.

    I mean, to have my hands on one of those, WOULD BE PURELY heaven's heaven in anesthesiology, and in intensive care.

    I know a LOT about medical technology, because I've been around it all my life, and its creepy to say this, but I've heard on more than one occasion a nurse say, " HE KNOWS MORE ABOUT THAT STUFF THAN I DO." I don't need to tell you that when that happens, I'm AMAZED.

    For this simulation, I'd like to be able to monitor the following parameters, ECG/HR, SpO2, ABP and NBP, Respiratory rate, CVP, BIS, (BIS)))))) ETco2, INo2, ETo2, IinN2o, etN20, inSEV, etSEV


    I'd like the ability to administer fluids, drugs, and monitor other parameters.

    I'd like to have a nerve simulator so I can monitor TOF as well, and all that.

    If I had the ability to do this FREE, This would mean so much to me.

    Please respond ASAP, and GOD BLESS.

    Peter Johann
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