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neebie needs help

Last post 04-24-2013, 1:58 AM by kindlykuhn. 4 replies.
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  •  03-29-2013, 2:26 PM 4846

    neebie needs help


    I am rather new to Sim. I have a SimMan who's BP can not be heard and a SimBaby that has lung sounds that are barely audible on the highest volume. Can anyone give me some tricks to try or a video to watch/site to read?


    Nicky Kuhn

  •  04-02-2013, 10:16 AM 4847 in reply to 4846

    Re: neebie needs help

    I'm not aware of any videos specifically covering troubleshooting but if you have an audio problem on two different manikins then it could be the computer, especially assuming you are using the same one for both. The software splits the audio signal so one side goes to the patient monitor and the other to the manikin so check that both channels are up on the audio settings on the computer. I don't off the top of my head if know if the lung or bp sounds can be reduced or disabled in the configuration menu but it might be worth checking in there to see if they have been.

  •  04-05-2013, 8:48 AM 4849 in reply to 4846

    Re:neebie needs help


    Regarding the SimBaby, you have the possibility to do an "auscultation focus". It will reduce some mechanical sounds from the manikins mainly by stopping the spontaneous breathing movement. It might be useful but should be explained during the briefing. This function is in “file à Auscultation focus”

    Regarding the SimMan BP sound. The fisrt thing is to make sure that the BP cuff is well connected to the manikin and then that the white tube is connecting to the LinkBox. Then, you can try to increase the Korotkoff volume ( Edit à Korotkoff Controls) and then do a BP calibration (Calibration à Calibrate BP…)


  •  04-24-2013, 1:57 AM 4878 in reply to 4847

    Re: neebie needs help

    Thank you!
  •  04-24-2013, 1:58 AM 4879 in reply to 4849

    Re: Re:neebie needs help


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