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Audio Over Simpad - Linkbox Network

Last post 09-23-2016, 6:04 PM by jhogan1. 3 replies.
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  •  08-18-2015, 6:54 PM 5881

    Audio Over Simpad - Linkbox Network

    We have moved our control out of the SimLab using an ad hoc network. We have a wireless router in the lab and a wireless access point in the control room 100 feet away. Control of the mannequins is fine, but the audio is not very good. The lapel mic/headset combo does not provide very clear audio, especially from the lapel mic through the Linkbox and back to the headset-wearing operator in the control room.


    Has anyone been able to find a decent workaround?



    Barry Brownstein

    Assistant Clinical Professor, ODU PA Program 

  •  03-01-2016, 1:45 PM 5991 in reply to 5881

    Re: Audio Over Simpad - Linkbox Network

    WE were very disappointed by the quality of the sound over the inbuilt system, and the fact that there is a noticeable delay between things being spoken and heard


    In the end we used Sennheiser wireless sets (with a pillow speaker attached to the reciever and placed in the simulators neck), more expensive but efficient and reliable.

    Measure once...Cut twice....NO WAIT!
  •  03-09-2016, 4:51 PM 5996 in reply to 5991

    Re: Audio Over Simpad - Linkbox Network

    Peter, can you be more specific in model numbers etc?  It is so difficult to hear 3G with 3 speaker buried under plastic/ skin and a wig for me!

    Barbara K. Ratliff RN, BSN, MBA, CHSE
    Baptist Health Montgomery, AL
    Institute for Patient Safety
    and Medical Simulation
    Simulation Specialist
  •  09-23-2016, 6:04 PM 6098 in reply to 5881

    Re: Audio Over Simpad - Linkbox Network

    we record all of our simulations and put in A/V equipment that includes two way microphones.   We don't rely on any of our simulation vendors for the audio.  They have come a long way over the years; but, this has always worked best for us.
    Functional IS Specialist
    Nursing and Health Sciences
    Valencia College
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