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SimMan 3-G (MYSTIC) but still a 3-G

Last post 08-20-2017, 11:54 AM by Ranrn2. 1 replies.
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  •  08-07-2017, 7:31 PM 6924

    SimMan 3-G (MYSTIC) but still a 3-G

    We have 117 of the subject line and I and trying to learn if any other users are having the same failure (s) as we have. I will preface this by saying we use our 3-G's in a more robust way than most sim centers. We have 21 Sites and use our 3-G's for Medical and Trauma assessment and treatment. Tactical Casually Combat Care TC-3 on the Trauma part. We have trauma modules and after market Moulage. We use the built in bleed systems and also the Field Expedient Bleed Simulation Systems (FEBSS). The Laerdal capability document really does not support what the warranty covers or does not cover. With all the above being said, what we need for Military TC-3 hands on really does not exists yet (durability issue) and we use the 3-G's the best we can for the required training. I am tracking the following failures program wide:

    Right Leg Compressor failure (this is the most failed item). Covered

    Left Arm problems B/P speaker and pulse points becoming  unplugged and the wires coming loose. The problem is that the wires are too short. (the second leading cause of failure). Covered 

    Both arm screws bending with normal usage and ROM. Not addressed

    Head Zippers breaking. Not covered 

    We have had several units with circuit boards that have corroded with no reasonable explanation. Covered    

    Broken Necks (The plastic Part) . Covered 

    Units that can't be paired to the tough book and software having to be reinstalled.    

    Thanks in advance for any input that you have and keep up the good work for Medical Simulation. It is the future and the future is here and now, Cheers! 


  •  08-20-2017, 11:54 AM 6928 in reply to 6924

    Re: SimMan 3-G (MYSTIC) but still a 3-G


    We have the same problem, we do a lot of trauma scenarios in the simulation center and
    in-situ simulation in the field. We use the 3G like you do.

    For now I must say, the 3G is not built for complicated and advanced trauma scenarios, where you need your team to be able to stop major bleeding, manage advanced airway, preform chest tube and all what is nessisery for high fidelity trauma scenario.

    You can fix it, maybe you can work with some issues, but almost always something is not working during the scenario.

     Our solution was to try different manikins like the TOM (too heavy and not realist AW) and now we try the trauma HAL (304.100) which is much more durable, has better blood volume, the connectivity for the tablet(the WiFi connection in the 3G cause us a lot of problems) is much better the AW is a little bite problematic and also the chest tube, I can't say now if it is better simulator for now but for sure it built for trauma scenarios.



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