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Using Non-Laerdal Computers with LLEAP

Last post 09-21-2017, 9:35 AM by Dag Sanna. 2 replies.
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  •  08-29-2017, 8:06 PM 6932

    Using Non-Laerdal Computers with LLEAP

    I have a client that wants to use small form factor PCs for controlling their Laerdal simulators.  In regard to the Vitals monitor  application, has anyone used such computers with a touch monitor and have had problems?  We want the same touch monitors to also work with Gaumard monitor software.

    Any guidance? What has worked well for you?
    ANY SPECIFIC MODELS That work for you?  That don't work? Does the computer have to be an HP? 

    H. Michael Young
    Director of Healthcare Education & Business Development
    Level 3 Healthcare
    (602) 33-9345
  •  09-21-2017, 6:49 AM 6937 in reply to 6932

    Re: Using Non-Laerdal Computers with LLEAP


     We use non Laerdal computers.  The LLEAP software has specifications on what the minimum requirements are.  However, the touch screen function we have not gotten to work at all.  I would load up one (remember, you will have to purchase a LLEAP license for each one.  OR disable a license off a laerdal unit and put it on the new PC) see how it goes for a week or so before you L LEAP to the new computers (get it... I made a funny :)


    - Dave 

    David Cherolis EMT-P EMS-I
    Simulation Tech Wright State University
  •  09-21-2017, 9:35 AM 6939 in reply to 6932

    Re: Using Non-Laerdal Computers with LLEAP

    Hello Michael,

    Do you use multiple monitors on these computers? I.e. do you run both LLEAP (the instructor interface) and the learners Patient Monitor Application on the same computer but on different screens? The challenge with this is that the instructor and the learner must share the same mouse pointer. So if the learner touch the screen of the Patient Monitor Application, it will move the mouse pointer to that location, which will cause serious confusion and troubles for the instructor.

    To avoid this, LLEAP includes particular SW that catches hook into the touch screen driver and register the touch before it is allowed to affect the mouse pointer. It will not forward the event to Windows so the mouse pointer is not affected and other applications will not be able to register the event while the Patient Monitor Application is running.

    To do this, LLEAP includes a special version of the ELO touch screen driver. No other touch screen drivers (manufactorers) are supported. So if you plan to use a touch screen from a different manufactorer, you need to assign a dedicated computer for that monitor or else you will see that the learner and the instructor will fight over the same mouse pointer.

    Note that Laerdal stopped selling ELO touch screens several years ago and now instead offers All-In-One computers for this purpose. For this reason, the ELO driver provided by LLEAP may not support the newest models from ELO. We have not added support for more models since we stopped selling ELO.

    Other than above mentioned, LLEAP has no special management of touch screen behaviour.

    I hope this helps.

    Best regards

    Dag Sanna

    Laerdal Medical AS 

    Dag Sanna
    Laerdal Medical AS
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