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Lleap, Wifi, hosted networks, and DNS servers

Last post 03-28-2018, 7:06 PM by jaxanger. 0 replies.
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  •  03-28-2018, 7:06 PM 7116

    Lleap, Wifi, hosted networks, and DNS servers


     We're having networking issues within our system where Lleap begins to start, creates its hosted network, and then crashes just before the simulation programming boots up. We use EMS as our AV server and have followed their guidelines for setup for the networking specificsThis issue came up after we added our computers to the same domain that our AV system is on as another user. The settings for the AV system server require special gateways and access. This requires us to specify the gateways we use in the IPV4 configuration. Laerdal techs have before told us to leave this as "obtain IP address automatically," and "Obtain DNS server address automatically." 

     The issue we have is that if we leave these fields according to Laerdal, the AV servers cannot find our computers and we cannot remote access our computers from our control room. Furthermore, leaving these fields according to the specifications our AV servers request, Lleap crashes, freezes, and needs to have the task ended at the control panel screen. The issue we've found is that Lleap is trying to pull the information from our AV servers direct LAN line into the computer. However, we cannot unplug this LAN line or we will lose connectivity with our server, and be unable to remote access the computer for simulation. 

     We have a temporary workaround in place, but I need to know if there is anyone else experiencing similar network issues between Lleap and their AV servers.  

    We did not have this issue until we switched to Lleap system-wide a week ago. The system functioned fine after a professional Laerdal installation, but the second we synced it with our AV system we had complete, system-wide failure. 

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