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  • Re: SimMan 3G

    Thanks for your reply.&nbsp; I tried using a newly built Laptop that had never been connected to a session before and we got the same results as with the other systems.&nbsp; Sometimes when we exited out and started a new session up again, we would finally get the correct Patient and patient information page but it might take 4 or 5 ...
    Posted to SimMan 3G Functional (Forum) by CRC on May 16, 2014
  • Re: SimMan 3G

    Thanks for the response.&nbsp; We did try running a session using a newly built workstation that had never been connected.&nbsp; It gave us the same results.&nbsp; I passed the information from your post on to some of the Techs who are expierenced running the simulations to see if they can try your suggestions.&nbsp;&nbsp; Thanks;&nbsp;&nbsp; Rick
    Posted to SimMan 3G Functional (Forum) by CRC on May 16, 2014
  • SimMan 3G

    After upgrading&nbsp;our 3 manikins we are having trouble with Patient information being displayed is&nbsp;different than the patient that was selected in the case.&nbsp; For instance when selecting a custom case using patient Bob, the patient information screen will display information for patient Frank. We&nbsp;isolated the manikin and the ...
    Posted to SimMan 3G Functional (Forum) by CRC on May 8, 2014