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  • Video streaming performance issues with multiple AV servers in the same LAN segement

    I support 3 AV servers, 3 SimMan laptops and 30 potiental Video Clients I have left all the port configurations to there default values. At times Camera 1 will freeze, or not be displayed on startup of the Video Client.  Currently I have 3 monitor laptop all using server port 5001. I also have 3 Video Servers with Server Port setting of ...
    Posted to SimMan/SimBaby Technical (Forum) by RX87325 on December 2, 2012
  • AVS media viewer for .264 file types

    This is a viewer for the files created by the AVS video server when you save them from the client and are not using the simman debrief software.  unzip the files.  Go into the folder and click on setup.  You don't have to download codecs etc.  This is from Laerdals software.  Tech support didn't seem to know it existed.
    Posted to User General (FileGallery) by Sandi Lee on April 27, 2012
  • New Technology makes Efforts easier in the Control Room

    Allow me to apologize first of all, for my tendency to elaborate in excess.  I know your time is valuable, and that quick snippets is often the preferred format for entering into these discussions.  However, if your time is short, I recommend that you print out my extended posts (if the topic is of interest to you), and review them at a ...
    Posted to SimMan/SimBaby Technical (Forum) by hyoung on November 12, 2010
  • Advanced Video System - video quality/rendering inquiry

    Currently, our simulations are performed like ''speed sims'' with 5-10 minute scenarios.  We have attempted to run scenarios 15-20 minutes, to allow students to perform assessment and proper interventions; however scenarios running more than 10 minutes result in file integration taking up to 5 minutes before we are able to debrief.  This ...
    Posted to General (Forum) by mccarrillo on August 11, 2010
  • Re: Monitor traces glitch on AVS and when debriefing

    Have you looked at your Video Recording Configuration where Patient monitor recording is enabled?  You have the choice to select from low, medium and high quality.  If you are using less than High, you may see dropped pixels in the traces [wave forms].  While there may still be some pixelation with high, it will be greatly ...
    Posted to SimMan/SimBaby Technical (Forum) by hyoung on May 7, 2010
  • Exporting / Playing Video from Scenario Debrief File

    ****UPDATE***** Installing codec Windows Media Player Filter v4.6.0.5.exe does allow me to watch camera1.mp4, HOWEVER, as Carlos Kok suggests below, this only produces a codec for CAMERA ONE. Can we get a list of all necessary codecs? Then this will all be quite easy. The codec can be downloaded from:  ...
    Posted to SimMan/SimBaby Technical (Forum) by LWBaily on March 9, 2009
  • AVS server /client compatiblity problem found

    Hello to all.  We have 2 of the Laerdal Advanced Video Servers for our two SimMans (SimMen?). One was purchase a year after the other.  I have been trying to set up the video client on other computers in classroooms around our building, so that the simulation sessions can be viewed by larger audiences than can fit in our control ...
    Posted to SimMan/SimBaby Technical (Forum) by SHudson on February 7, 2009
  • Re: Debreifing files

    Sadly, I have no positive updates this morning.  The converted files still do not play properly or import into the Adobe Premiere editing software. Moreover, I followed whiskr's advice above and tested on a brand new computer system with nothing more than Windows XP, Windows Media Player 10 and my original Debriefing files loaded on it, and ...
    Posted to SimMan/SimBaby Technical (Forum) by dlw29x on December 10, 2007
  • Re: Debreifing files

    Progress update... After working some more with Laerdal Tech Support to diagnose if there was a problem with the original encoding, I decided to do some clean-up on the editing system.  Essentially, if it had anything to do with video in any way, I uninstalled it.  Right down to the VGA Drivers.  Thought process being, maybe there ...
    Posted to SimMan/SimBaby Technical (Forum) by dlw29x on December 7, 2007
  • Re: Debreifing files

    I'm now working with about the 15th different video converter, and I'm starting to wonder if the Laerdal AVS systems we're using are actually recording in the correct formats.  I've installed the filters & media players directly from the DSPR website, as well as a host of other codes & media converters, and not a single one is able to ...
    Posted to SimMan/SimBaby Technical (Forum) by dlw29x on December 7, 2007
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