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  • Video streaming performance issues with multiple AV servers in the same LAN segement

    I support 3 AV servers, 3 SimMan laptops and 30 potiental Video Clients I have left all the port configurations to there default values. At times Camera 1 will freeze, or not be displayed on startup of the Video Client.  Currently I have 3 monitor laptop all using server port 5001. I also have 3 Video Servers with Server Port setting of ...
    Posted to SimMan/SimBaby Technical (Forum) by RX87325 on December 2, 2012
  • Re: Error message - "Problem with user database"

    Hi Bjørge, Thanks for your immediate respond. We installed ver. 3.5 and it doesn't work with the Elo touch screen feature. We did installed ver.3.4 with the new driver version of Elo touch screen feature from the Elo web site, and it works like a charm. Please do note that the Elo driver that came with the ver. 3.4 of ...
    Posted to SimMan/SimBaby Technical (Forum) by Lior on April 17, 2011
  • New Technology makes Efforts easier in the Control Room

    Allow me to apologize first of all, for my tendency to elaborate in excess.  I know your time is valuable, and that quick snippets is often the preferred format for entering into these discussions.  However, if your time is short, I recommend that you print out my extended posts (if the topic is of interest to you), and review them at a ...
    Posted to SimMan/SimBaby Technical (Forum) by hyoung on November 12, 2010
  • Re: Help with Link Box

    I agree.  The Patient monitor does not hook up directly to the link box except in regard to audio.  The audio out cable on the client computer/laptop should be plugged in to the speaker/headphone out, and the two lines that split off from that go to both the Patient Monitor and Linkbox.  The Patient monitor audio input, is a similar ...
    Posted to SimMan/SimBaby Technical (Forum) by hyoung on May 14, 2010
  • Re: Monitor traces glitch on AVS and when debriefing

    Have you looked at your Video Recording Configuration where Patient monitor recording is enabled?  You have the choice to select from low, medium and high quality.  If you are using less than High, you may see dropped pixels in the traces [wave forms].  While there may still be some pixelation with high, it will be greatly ...
    Posted to SimMan/SimBaby Technical (Forum) by hyoung on May 7, 2010
  • getting sim-man's patient monitor to work

    Hello, We are pretty new to simulation.  We are trying to get the sim-man software's ''patient monitor'' screen to work on the display monitor.  RIght now, all I have is a second dummy screen of my laptop.  We have down-loaded the sim-man software from the Laerdal website onto a gateway with Windows 7.0.  We are just using an ...
    Posted to SimMan/SimBaby Technical (Forum) by Ehinkson on March 25, 2010
  • SimMan/Baby

    Hi Does anyone have experience in using the Laerdal portability pack for SimMan or SimBaby?   I'm currently looking at the options of either this or a ''Handy Mains'' type system to undertake real time transfers with SimBaby. Any help would be gratefully received.   Regards Rich Ormonde Resuscitation Officer Birmingham ...
    Posted to SimMan/SimBaby Technical (Forum) by richormonde on June 9, 2008
  • Re: New User

    Hi Tony, Welcome to the forum. You will find some resources on the Laerdal website under the SimMan and SimBaby web pages, click on the tab 'Product Resources', at the bottom is a link to a PDF file called 'Connection Diagram', this might help you with ensuring your connections are correct. Also, on the SUN homepage, there is a menu item called ...
    Posted to SimMan/SimBaby Technical (Forum) by Emma on November 23, 2007
  • Re: Starting IV's on Simman

    green ambulance simulator:put the iv bag with the ''blood in a pressure infuser bag or BP cuff to add some pressure to help with flashback... good luck, ralph
    Posted to SimMan/SimBaby Technical (Forum) by apinte on September 21, 2007
  • Re: Video not playing back during debrief

    Hello Jon,   As discussed by email, it proberbly has something to do with the software version of either the Simman software or the driver discs for the webcam, but I will send you a disc in the post as discussed earlier this week and also come down when I see Iwona.  Youcan download the latest driver for the webcam from their ...
    Posted to SimMan/SimBaby Technical (Forum) by Anonymous on August 8, 2007
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