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  • Laerdal CPR Data Benchmarks

    We are running mock codes for staff in the hospital and sending the Laerdal CPR compression data generated by the SimView Debrief. I was curious if there were some best practice guidelines in simulation and CPR.  The staff would like to set some benchmarks, e.g. 75 % effective rate, 100 % effective depth, etc.Just wondering in the simulation ...
    Posted to SimMan 3G & SimMan Essential (Forum) by on July 25, 2017
  • DirectX sound error message in SimMan3G v2.3.3 on win7 x64

    Hi, I got the following error messages when I started the SimMan3G Instructor Software v2.3.3 (see the two print screens). When I clicked on the OK buttons the Instructor Application start and working fine. These error messages are only in win7 x64 (when I used x32 OS There were no error messages). The DirectX is 11 and there is no any ...
    Posted to SimMan 3G Technical (Forum) by btomi on October 9, 2013
  • WLAN router web interface password (SimMan 3G)

    Hi, I have got a question. In SimMan 3G What is the username+password to log-in the WLAN router via web interface ? Thank you very much in advance.Regards BTomi.
    Posted to SimMan 3G Technical (Forum) by btomi on October 9, 2013
  • Reinstalling SimMan3G with New Elo Monitors/one laptop set-up/driver issues

    Hi, Questions: 1.If I were to reinstall the SimMan3G software(1.01) , Would I have to re-activate it/the manikin? In-turn using up 2 of three avaliable activation keys? OR will the manikin stay activated even if I reinstall the SimMan3G software? 2. Do the ELO Drivers that come with Simman3G work on ALL Elo touch screens? For example, would we ...
    Posted to SimMan 3G Technical (Forum) by Jed142 on October 12, 2011
  • Re: SimMan3G Fluids

    One thing that I've noticed in working with our new 3G's is that simply pushing the trigger down on the fill unit until it is latched isn't enough, I actually have to hold the thumb trigger down all the way to get it to fill properly. As for emptying the resevoir I've noticed the residual fluid in the system seems to last forever. I emptied the ...
    Posted to SimMan 3G Technical (Forum) by acurriva on July 2, 2011
  • Re: Temperature (C to F) in Monitor Controls for SimMan 3G version 2.0

    I have actually figured it out.  Open up the 3G instructor application and select Tools from the menu.  Select Profile editor and choose to edit default_us and the configuration is under General. Change temp to F and choose save.  The next time you open up the scenario editor, your temperature conversion should be observed.
    Posted to SimMan 3G Technical (Forum) by wedwards on January 5, 2011
  • SimMan3G Fluids

    Does anyone have a better what of putting fluid into SimMan3G other than the way Laerdal says too? Also is anyone having problems with getting fluid into SimMan3G? How can the fluid inside be drained easily? Please help and many thanks.
    Posted to SimMan 3G Technical (Forum) by MSTRich on November 10, 2010